Project Description

Our client had a small area to work with that currently was an RV pad on the side of their house. The back yard dropped down over 30 feet and was very steep.

To create an entertainment area where the client could cookout for guests. This area would be heavily used and the client wanted to fit as much as we could into the small space. They requested a boiler pot incorporated into the outdoor kitchen. This client had been dreaming about this for 10 years and wanted to go all out.

The client also had antique wood from their families 18th-century farmhouse that they wanted to incorporate.

A fully loaded kitchen with nothing left out! Refrigerator, ice maker, sink, grill with rotisserie, side burners, Komodo Joe, 100qt boiler pot and ice chest, we even threw in a bottle opener tucked into the side of the cabinet.

The kitchen also featured a 70in TV on a swivel mount so it could be seen from the pool, seating area or bar.  The cove created for the TV was built with tongue and groove pine.

The roof area was also fitted with tongue and groove pine. We were able to restore several beams from the barn wood and created a beam structure in the ceiling. Can lights were added on a dimmer switch

The Pavilion was finished with stucco and tiled roof to match the house. Arches were created between the columns to match the house. Our Design Team wanted to create something that flowed with the house and looked like it had been apart of the original design.

A mister system was added around the living area to cut down on heat as well as provide some mosquito control. Variable speed fans were also installed.

An 8ft cinder block wall was added to provide privacy from the front yard. The wall came out from the house and wrapped around the Living area. The wall was covered in stucco as well. For the opening in the wall, we restored more of the antique barn wood and created arch raised panel doors.

A fireplace and water feature were added to the living area to provide tranquility. Outdoor furniture was picked out to match the color palette.